Smart Letter Board App
The smart way to speek.

What's that?

You can't speak and you can't move? Then Smart Letter Board is a help to communicate quickly and comfortably, with only one eye movement for one letter. Eyes up, down, left and right are enough to write almost all words. Follow the eye movements and press the corresponding button on the screen, the app will handle everything else!  Fast and easy, supported by integrated voice output.

In User Control mode, the app is also suitable for people with limited fine motor skills, as almost everything can be written with 4 large keys. Even with only one button or with the head movement

The app runs on all Android phones and tablets.

For whom and when? 

For advanced ALS, MS, Duchenne and other muscle diseases or stroke.  

These patients are usually no longer able to speak and move and use eye control systems.  

But it doesn't always work, on the outside for example. Normally, letter boards are used. But they are very slow and are only used very rarely and so those affected are doomed to silence. 

With the app it's over! 

Currently the app is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Russian and Ukrainian. Further languages are possible, please just send a message. 

Help to ensure that the app can continue to be offered free of charge. All donations collected above the costs will be donated to TDI

Translation into other languages, in the footer at the bottom select the desired language!